“Dear Marquee Homes,

Well, as you know, we have been in our new home for almost two weeks now and we LOVE it!

I wanted to let all the folks at Marque Homes know how delighted we are, not only with the way the house turned out, but the whole experience of building it with Marque Homes. Every single person we worked with at Marque was professional, prompt and courteous. You will never know how much I appreciate your giving me a “heads up” on things that could be adjusted or changed at a time when it wasn’t a big deal.

I know you told me to start a punch list once we moved in, but honestly, the house was so well built and with such attention to detail, there are very few things to go on it. My decorator was here last week, and she said it was a pleasure to work with a house that was so well built! You not only came in on time, but you delivered an outstanding result as well.

Rest assured, we will recommend Marque Homes to anyone we know who is interested in building a home. Thanks to all of you, it was an exciting and pleasurable experience!

Best Personal Regards, Wally and Toni N.”

“We still can’t believe our house has been so transformed by your remodeling! It is beautiful. We were so impressed by the timeliness (quickness) of the completion and how everyone strived to do a quality job in regards to every aspect of the project. The subcontractors were great. Everyone who worked with us made the remodel a very pleasant experience.”

Thanks again – You guys are great!”

J. Lange

“The walk through is done! Matt is really on top of everything. Our agent was at the house with us and says the house is in far better condition at walk through than most houses. Job well done!”

Charlie H. Wellington, Williamsburg, VA

“Thanks for the great work your folks did during the remodeling of our two bathrooms last month. Kitty, Bernie and Ron did a great job throughout the process: scheduling the contractors, keeping us informed of what was going on… (Everyone) was courteous and professional throughout.”

Charlie and Glenne H. Wellington, Williamsburg, VA

“Now that we’re in the house, Susan and I want to tell you how much we appreciate your professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with you over the past several months. It became very apparent that you know your job and know it well.”

Roger and Susan S., Wellington, Williamsburg, VA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you… You were all very kind to us and answered our endless questions courteously. The builder and his staff are A-1 professionals. Michael was very impressed with the construction and I thought the carpenters, cabinet maker, painters, plumbers, etc. were perfectionists. Everyone was very meticulous and courteous, too. I cannot say enough. Please convey our thanks to everyone!”

Julia M., Port Warwick, Newport News, VA

“Just a quick note to say ‘thanks’ for the care you gave us for the past year building us a beautiful new home in Yorktown. Your staff is unbelievable. We especially appreciate Kitty, Bernie and Robin! All of you helped us through the process with patience, professionalism, quality and unique individual attention. Words can not really express our thanks, but we had to give it a try.”

Steve and Becky M., Yorktown, VA

“Wow! A short note but a lot of thanks for the excellent job in building our home. You all were very professional and GREAT to work with!”

Jeff and Bernice W., Running Man, York County, VA

“What you have given us in our new home has far exceeded our ideas of what our dream home should be. We have a home that is really a showpiece.”

Denny and Kay G., Williamsburg, VA

“Dear Mr. McClellan & Staff,
Thank you very much for all of your assistance during the period of final construction and closing on our home. We appreciate your patience and understanding with all of our questions and concerns. Now that we are finally getting unpacked and settled in our new home, were really enjoying many of its features!
Sincerely ,

Marianne & Richard Martin”

“Roger and Debbie,
Few people on earth could they had a house built + enjoyed the entire process . Well thanks to your astute business sense, your demand for excellence, your dedicated staff, quality products + top shelf subs we can honestly say it has been a pleasurable adventure. We respect and admire both of you. Thank you for making our dream a reality.
Sincerely ,

Bill and Bonnie”